COBOT System integrator

Industrial automation – Industry 4.0 – Robotics | Everyone is talking about all those terms. Is your production line not as productive as you would expect? Are your employees suffering from fatigue and discomfort because of doing repetitive physical work? How can your company reach a new level in production, while keeping costs low, profits margins high, and employees healthy? Phystech wants to help you in solving all those aspects. We offer solutions using Collaborative Robots also known as COBOTS.

Humans and robots can work side by side with COBOTS. The possibilities are enormous as theses robots are easy to integrate in your industry. Applications are diverse yet many of them unexplored. COBOTS do not need security cages and their use is very intuitive.

Phystech offers:

  • A methodological approach to study your requirement
  • Full integration with your industrial process, that includes training of personnel
  • Equipment to adapt your COBOT to your need
  • Tailor made courses and training for your personel if you already own a COBOT


Depending on your process, there are many advantages of using COBOTS instead of big industrial robots:

  1. Size: COBOTS are smaller yet robust and made to work in industrial environments
  2. Safety: Because of their smaller size and safety features, they can work without a cage, alongside with a human
  3. Compact: No need to add space in your plant or big investment in your production line
  4. Cost: They are much cheaper than traditional big industrial robots
  5. Intuitive: Their programming is much simpler than of traditional robots cutting time of deployment
  6. Adaptability: They are easy to convert and adapt to any other area of the production line

How can we HELP

Phystech offers you the full package: a COBOT fully integrated with your process line. We also offer from our partners different solutions such as grippers and other tools. Just contact us if you want to learn more.

Partners and Representation

Soft Robot Tech Co / Ltd – SRT (China)

We are representatives of this Chinese brand that makes fantastic soft grippers for use in the food, pharmaceutic, packing, electronics, assembly industries and many others. Soft Robot Tech (SRT) was established in 2016. The company has a complete set of manufacturing equipment and related process equipment for diverse robot applications. Recently, they have introduced four new ways of gripping:

  1. Soft grippers
  2. Micro grippers
  3. Electric grippers
  4. Van de Waals pads

Soft grippers are used when handling fragile objects with irregular shapes. SRT has a very diverse and configurable system of soft grippers. Please contact us for more information.