Great News! Today our youngest member of the team arrived at our offices. i3 Automation ( delivered us our first Universal Robot UR5, which we have given the affectionate nickname Archie.

We unpacked the equipment original from Denmark. Everything was in perfect conditions. We assembled it on the base that we had ready for the occasion. The base was designed and manufactured by ourselves with the help of Conpancol’s Team at their workshop, reusing materials that were no longer in use.

After bolting the robot to the base, we performed some simple tests and the i3 Automation contact gave us a quick presentation.

This is our first collaborative industrial robot. We decided to go for the Universal Robot UR5, which is is great for doing research and also as demo robot. In time, we will start working on applications.

Few weeks later, we received in our offices a short workshop with the staff from i3 automatizacion. They flew from Medellin to Cali. We had a day to discuss plans and to learn more about the capabilities of the UR collaborative robots.

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