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GTC 2018

NVIDIA is one of the largest video acceleration card manufacturers in the world. But their business today is much more than that: the use of the technology that they design and develop, the GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) has spread to not only the video game business, but also in the field of science and computing. high performance (HPC). The processing capacity of its chips has allowed the use of Machine Learning (ML – Machine Learning) and Artificial Intelligence (AI Artificial Intelligence) to have become popular in almost all areas.

Its GTC conference – GPU Technology Conference – is the ideal space to show the latest in NVIDIA technology and its applications. Phystech in 2018 decided to be present at the event, held in San Jose CA – March 26 to 29.

Andres Osorio was present throughout the event. He divided his time into:

  1. Tutorial participation
  2. Informative talks
  3. Exhibition and fair of startups

One of the fields where we see applications of GPU technology is image processing. The multiple uses of ML algorithms in image analysis are incredible: be they medical (X-rays), from drones equipped with cameras to scan farmland, analysis and simulation of traffic in cities, just to mention a few applications. That, not to mention the scientific field (astrophysics).

It is equally surprising how the tools have become easier to use: From requiring a high level of experience in CUDA / C ++, it has turned to other development tools that have simplified the programmer’s work.

For Phystech there remains an experience of great importance and defined an area of ​​research in this regard and to continue developing capabilities within our company.

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