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Phystech in its goal of becoming a provider of robot integration services, visited OLMIA Robotics company (https://www.olmia-robotics.nl/) in Tiel, The Netherlands, for a one-day training. OLMIA is an experienced Dutch collaborative robot integrator.

The OLMIA Robotics staff was very kind to receive us and give us an overview of what they do and how they do it. All of this in a few hours. We trained on a UR5. The ease of programming these machines is surprising. Before lunch, we had managed to cover the basics of programming using the UR5’s user interface. In the afternoon, we visited a client, whose application is the injection of silicone in the assembly of water heaters. A perfect example to illustrate the collaborative aspect of these robots. Operator and machine working efficiently and safely. Both. We were even lucky enough to appreciate the process of changing the silicone cartridge. The robot alerted the operator it ran out of material and therefore requested for a change. Immediately the operator made the change and both were able to return to work.

At the end of the day, we thanked our friends at OLMIA. We took home important messages and ideas for what we want to do at Phystech.

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